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Partners & Affiliates

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Since 1996, the Ice Hockey Research Group—a partnership with Bauer Hockey Corporation and the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada—has evaluated the ergonomic and mechanical function of skates, sticks, and protective equipment with respect to human skill performance and safety.

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The Indigenous Hockey Research Network is a collective of researchers dedicated to uncovering and engaging with hockey’s Indigenous past, present, and future. We aim to cultivate critical understandings of hockey’s role in relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples in Canada over time. Through archival research, personal interviews, data analysis, and Indigenous community-led approaches, we take up hockey as a site for community building and Indigenous empowerment, as well as a vehicle for the pursuit of reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and mainstream Canadians.


Indigenous STS Research and Training Program is an international interdisciplinary research and training network whose central node is located at the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. The network is committed to engaging in and with scientific research and technology projects in ways that foreground Indigenous self-determination.

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