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The Canoe Lake School motivates students in ascertaining their inner strengths and abilities, while discovering what truly inspires them. As a part of the School Based Administration team, Arliss Coulineur- Principal, Geraldine Rediron- V.P. High School, Adele Iron- Elementary V.P., admin will provide a stimulating, safe and caring Indigenous learning working environment for students, staff and community stakeholders.


Our vision is to be a strong, healthy, united, prosperous and self-reliant Waskaganish Eeyoud; who are proud of our history while maintaining and practicing our Cree land- based traditional values, culture and language.

Our mission is to work collaboratively to provide quality services and support to the members of our community in an equitable manner. We strive to create a healthy, positive and culturally centred environment in which our members can become independent in order to achieve their full potential.

Bodies of Power, Nations of Strength brings together an avant-garde team of multidisciplinary scholars and Indigenous community experts in the development of science curriculum for youth. We are motivated by our shared belief that original solutions and pathways that champion the dreams of rural/remote Indigenous students can and should be pursued. Our team aims to co-develop innovative and dynamic digital technologies and educational training opportunities that promote Indigenous athlete and student development in rural First Nations communities. The historical relationship between scientific ‘discovery’ and ‘innovation’ and colonialism has contributed to a society in which some populations benefit from technoscientific advancement while others have ended-up as its collateral damage, including within the realm of sport, physical activity, and education. Our project seeks to challenge existing conventions among cultural and knowledge fields by suggesting Indigenous engagement with science and technology on our/their own terms as being key to solving some of the current challenges of sexism, racism, and dispossession that continue to occur in Canadian sport and education.



As a group, we are committed to building and supporting Indigenous-controlled technoscience education through the means of modern and up to date hardware and software. Within this, we are also committed to building and supporting technoscientific projects that hold Indigenous sovereignty and governance as paramount. Bodies of Power, Nations of Strength is driven by the belief that Indigenous peoples can leverage innovative technosciences in ways that strengthen their governance capacities in sport and education and that facilitate their community goals.

Our Team

Our research team consists of local Indigenous leaders in multiple First Nations with specific expertise in ice hockey and education, as well as Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, including: Indigenous Studies, Political Science, Bioethics, Sport Sociology, Biomechanics/Hockey Science, Physical Education Pedagogy, and Exercise Science.

Image by Chris Liverani
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